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About BRM Lanka

For some time, the Society has been echoing with the need for high – end locks, latches, hinges and accessories for doors and windows etc. As a result, we 2 brothers, Madawa& Ruwan Jayathilake, decided to embark on this business venture with tremendous courage and enthusiasm, along with considerable investments in terms of finances and professional time. Having gone through numerous teething issues and challenges, we are now ready to fulfill the need of the Society. We pledge to manage our Company by complying strictly with the Government Rules & Regulations, whilst bench marking the highest level of business and social ethics.

The character of our business will be to ensure that out of the profits made by selling our products to you, a reasonable portion will be given away to low-income families in rural areas to uplift their quality of life, especially of the children education. We have already commenced such projects in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.


To become a trusted partner for suppling quality accessories for doors, windows and related accessories for the construction industry.


Supply globally recognized high quality accessories for doors, windows and other related accessories for the construction industry through our international manufacturing network while providing a comprehensive before and after sales customer support.